Singapore, US & China lead inbound traveller interest in India in 2015: TripAdvisor

Singapore, the United States and China lead inbound traveller interest in India in 2015, says a study by user review and hotel meta-search website TripAdvisor.

International traveller interest in India is on the rise, signaling good news for the country’s tourism industry.

A recent study by TripAdvisor reveals that travellers from Singapore, the United States and China show the largest increase in interest year-over-year in Indian destinations on the site. The study also highlights review trends from visiting markets on Indian hospitality businesses.

Rising interest across Asia indicates positive growth in inbound tourism to India, with Asian countries accounting for six of the top 10 markets showing an increase in the share of visitor sessions looking at Indian destinations. However, what’s significant to note is the increase in interest from long-haul markets including the United States (13%) and the Caribbean (4%), signaling healthy inbound travel trends for India.

“We’re seeing growth in interest not just from Asian countries but also from long haul inbound markets with domestic travel being as strong as ever,” Nikhil Ganju, country manager, TripAdvisor India said in a press statement.

Singapore tops the list with 24%year-on-year growth in interest for Indian destinations and hospitality businesses, highlighting a key market that Indian business owners should keep in mind in developing their marketing strategies for 2016.

With the country’s strong domestic travel market, Indians make up the largest proportion of travellers looking at Indian destinations. In fact, 76% of the total sessions from India on TripAdvisor in the past year are directed towards Indian destinations or hotels. After India, Middle Eastern markets dominate the global list for highest percentage of total search traffic directed towards India.

The study further indicated that travellers from Israel and Russia write the most positive reviews about their travel experiences in India, giving average review ratings of 4.39 and 4.34 (out of five) respectively for Indian hotels.

“Not only are more travellers interested in India, but they are also writing more reviews for the places they stay, eat and visit during their trips – and generally, the reviews are positive, which is an indication of the rising standards of the Indian hospitality industry. These findings paint a positive picture for the Indian tourism industry and provide the foundation for a strong marketing strategy for local hospitality businesses,” Ganju added.

Over the past year, Brazilians have also topped the list for the largest increase in the amount of reviews they have contributed to TripAdvisor about India, growing by 13% year over year, followed by Spaniards (8%) and Australians (2%).

Source:Economic Times


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