India, US see opportunities in strategic convergence of South East Asia

The strategic convergence in South East Asia due to US’ rebalance strategy and India’s “Act East” policy has opened up more opportunities for cooperation between the militaries of the two countries, the Pentagon said today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter feel that more opportunities have risen from the strategic convergence as the two top leaders discussed a range of issues during the latter’s just concluded trip to India.

“The leaders (Modi and Carter) agreed that the strategic convergence between the US rebalance and India’s “Act East” opens more opportunities for engagement,” a Pentagon statement of the meeting between Modi and Carter said.

The two leaders acknowledged US President Barack Obama’s successful January visit to New Delhi this year and agreed to follow up on key outcomes from that visit, it said.

“They agreed to continue to build momentum under the Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI), including the completion of two ‘pathfinder’ project agreements,” it said.

Carter reaffirmed support for the Knowledge Partnership in Defense Studies, pointing to education as a strategic enabler and voicing enthusiasm for working with India to shape the strategic thinking of the next generation of military leaders.

The two leaders also discussed many issues of mutual concern, including the Asia-Pacific, regional security, counter-terrorism.

Carter commended India’s rapid humanitarian assistance following the tragic earthquake in Nepal and expressed gratitude for India’s assistance in searching for the missing UH-1 Huey and its crew, the statement said.

Source: Economic Times

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